Discovering HORI7ON: The Rising Pop Group from the Philippines Poised for Global Success

With fresh faces and a burning passion for performing, HORI7ON is a rising pop group from the Philippines that is quickly gaining attention in the music industry. Comprised entirely of members from the Philippines, this talented group is now set to train in South Korea, the heart of the global pop music scene, in hopes of breaking into the international market. But can they really make it big worldwide?

The Philippines has long been a breeding ground for world-class performers. From the powerhouse vocals of Lea Salonga to the electrifying stage presence of Arnel Pineda and the raw talent of Jake Zyrus (formerly Charice Pempengco). Breaking free from the mold of solo artists, HORI7ON is set to shatter boundaries and be an internationally renowned pop group.

Rising to the Top: HORI7ON’s Journey from Dream Maker Auditions to Stardom

In a quest to assemble a dream team of pop sensations, ABS CBN and MLD Entertainment joined forces to create the show, Dream Maker. With the Philippines on their stage, 62 hopefuls dared to chase their dreams.

The journey was no walk in the park. The talented contenders battled through 4 rigorous missions that pushed them to their limits. But in the end, only the top 7 emerged as the ultimate dream team, ready to dazzle audiences worldwide.

Who are the members of HORI7ON?

Jeromy Batac (Jeromy)
Marcus Rayden Cabais (Marcus) Kenji Chua (Kyler)
Gabriel Vincent Malizon (Vinci) Reyster Yton (Reyster, Toto)
Kim Huat Ng (Kim) Winston Pineda (Winston)
  • After intense competition among the passionate dream chasers, Jeromy emerged victorious with a staggering 3,188,238 votes, securing the top spot.
  • Not far behind were Marcus and Kyler. They put up a tough fight and earned second and third place with impressive vote counts of 2,824,716 and 2,697,520, respectively.
  • Vinci got a total of 2,447,877 votes, landing him in the fourth position.
  • Meanwhile, Reyster snags the fifth spot with an impressive 2,285,407 votes.
  • Kim had never before reached the Top 7 in previous rankings. However, this time around, he achieved an impressive 6th place with a whopping 2,240,510 votes.
  • Not to be outdone, Winston joined the ranks, securing his spot with an admirable 2,049,832 votes. It’s fierce competition, but these two rising stars have proven that they’re not to be underestimated.

What’s next for HORI7ON after Dream Maker?

HORI7ON is set to become a household name. They will be gracing our screens with their charm and talent on top shows like I Can See Your Voice and Tropang LOL. With every performance, these rising stars leave a lasting impression on viewers and cement their place in the hearts of their growing fanbase. But that’s not all. Before taking off to South Korea, HORI7ON will continue their tour around the country, wowing audiences with their electrifying performances until April.

During their recent contract signing, a star-studded event was present with Star Magic and Entertainment Production head Laurenti Dyogi, business unit heads Reily Santiago and Marcus Vinuya, and CEO of MLD Entertainment, Lee Hyoungjin all in attendance. It’s clear that HORI7ON is not just any ordinary group, but one that has the potential to take the world by storm.

Can HORI7ON Rise to the Heights of BTS?

Penetrating worldwide success like BTS can be incredibly challenging. It requires a combination of various factors such as talent, hard work, perseverance, and luck. The entertainment industry is highly competitive, and breaking through the global market is even more difficult.

To achieve the level of success that BTS has, it took years of consistent effort and dedication, with the members of the group undergoing rigorous training and performing at various events before debuting. Additionally, BTS’s success can also be attributed to their unique music style, relatable lyrics, and strong social media presence, which resonated with a diverse global audience.