FIFA World Cup 2022: Will Messi be able to finally lift the trophy?

Argentina’s Lionel Messi and French superstar Kylian Mbappé will square off in the 2022 World Cup final. Despite the fact that the Argentine star has already won the Ballon d’Or seven times, the Frenchman has a chance to surpass Pelé’s achievement and become a two-time world champion with a back-to-back FIFA World Cup win.

While Messi has established himself as arguably the best player, Mbappé is off to a spectacular start. When Mbappé hits 30, we have no idea what will happen to him. Is he really that great of a player, or is this just the start of his career? Besides the fact that they are the greatest players in the world right now, the fact that they are teammates is also a point of excitement.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals Schedule

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One way or another, history will be written.

This World Cup represents not just Lionel Messi’s last attempt to win the World Cup. It is also the end of a 36-year streak for Argentina without a World Cup victory. There are no indications of France slowing down now that they are the reigning World Cup champion. As soon as the ball is kicked off, all eyes will be on Argentina. This game has such an effect on die-hard fans that they will spend money they don’t have to see it live.

With national pride on the line and the support of their country’s enthusiastic fans, the squad has been performing admirably, inspiring confidence in their coach. France has a superb squad and might win, but the Argentines are hopeful and confident, putting a lot of faith in their chances. More than anything, the squad hopes that Messi will finally be able to lift that trophy that he so longs for.

Will Messi win and surpass Maradona’s record?

Argentina relies heavily on him to win the title. And if he wins the title and keeps doing well, he will be the best player in the Cup. And if he wins the championship, nearly everyone agrees that his worldwide and especially Argentine fame will surpass that of Maradona.

Messi and Maradona

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The pressure he’ll feel throughout this final will be unlike anything he’s ever felt before. Indeed, he has been through it previously, back in 2014; the situation is not new to him. However, this final will be unlike any other in his career since he will be arriving at the game carrying Argentina. He is looked at as the protagonist of this story, the last World Cup of his career, and as a player who established a special relationship with the Argentine people by helping them win Copa America.

Where to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Finals

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  • Telemundo (Spanish)


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