Is Black Adam a part of the DCEU?

The latest rendition of Black Adam was a long-fought battle by Dwayne Johnson along with Peter Safran and James Gunn. Ever since the latter two took over the DC Cinematic Universe and now have full jurisdiction over how they want the creative aspect to turn out. But in what seems to be a great bizarre u-turn, it seems Black Adam is no longer part of the DCEU.

The Rock’s efforts in bringing Black Adam to the silver screen 

  • This is striking, primarily because of how grandiose Dwayne Johnson made his Black Adam appearance to be. Not only did he pour in his greek-god like a body in ensuring that he truly represented the Black Adam, but he also went on to include the long-awaited Man of Steel.

For the uninitiated, months late spoiler alert – Henry Cavill made a scenic appearance in a cameo that happened mid-credit in Black Adam.

Why the Man of Steel appearance in Black Adam has been for naught

The appearance of Henry Cavill was starking, primarily because nobody expected it. Secondly, because DC never advertised it. I mean, you may say “but oh! nobody advertises cameo appearances”, and we’ll say, think again sunshine. Remember Spiderman No Way Home?

There’s no way at home that the creators did not intentionally leak the early set photos of the three Spideys. The Man of Steel cameo was very unforeseen. But what was even more unforeseen is how things have turned out to be for the DCEU.

Henry Cavill is out from both DCEU and The Witcher

Lately, Henry Cavill has been in quite a stir leading to his departure from The Witcher series. Afterward, people expected him to reprise his role back as Man of Steel. But as it stands, he’s out from both The Witcher and Man of Steel developments. Not only that, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman are also reportedly out of the new DCEU.

Is Black Adam no longer part of the DCEU?

Adding to the list of all the previously developed characters who are now dead in the new DCEU by Gunn and Safran is Black Adam. The Rock confirmed on his social media handle recently that he shall no longer be part of the DCEU. Although he did leave the possibility open for him to appear in other DC franchise developments as Black Adam.

  • To give you a similar contrast, imagine Sonyverses Venom and MCU’s Spiderman. There’s this weird thing going on where both connect to each other but then drift away, like a push and pull.
  • It seems the growing trend of multiverses and multiversal connections in the MCU has affected a wider array of creative works that include multiple iterations of the same characters.

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