Miss Universe to be hosted by a “female” host; Who could it possibly be?

The Miss Universe Organization announced earlier today that they have already officially ended Steve Harvey’s contract. Harvey, signed in a 5-year deal by the previous owners of the pageant, hosted his last event during the Miss Universe 2022. With new management, the 71st Miss Universe competition will breathe fresh air as they will take in a female personality as the event’s host. Although there has been no official name shared with the public yet, fans and viewers are already speculating about who could fill Steve Harvey’s shoes. Without further ado, let’s list some of the possible female celebrities and icons that are suitable for the role.

1. Catriona Gray

Ever since the announcement about a new “female” host plus the JKN’s CEO Jakapong “Anne” Jajkrajutatip posted on her Facebook page, fans are quick to suggest that Catriona Gray should be called for the job.

Catriona Gray

Photo Courtesy of Rappler

The 2018 Miss Universe from the Philippines has entered the life of being a celebrity years after winning the crown. She has been an actress, a social media influencer, singer, and has also hosted Binibining Pilipinas in 2021. Aside from her being a great candidate for the role due to her experience in the same pageant, Catriona is also extremely fluent in English. Nonetheless, she seems like a perfect fit. Additionally, since the new owner of the organization is an Asian, it also feels right that they hire an Asian host.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

We know, we know. Out of all the names here, Whoopi Goldberg might be the least favorite but is truthfully the most expensive among the bunch.

Whoopi Goldberg

Photo Courtesy of The Hill

The 67-year-old actress, host, comedian, and television personality has seen the spotlight of hosting the biggest entertainment events. From the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and more, Whoopi may have already done it all. Not only that, she is considered to be one of the best hosts in history and was always invited to return as a host. The EGOT winner’s most recent project was in CNN’s “The View”. However, she has been sidelined for a few weeks now because of Covid-19 complications.

3. Natalie Morales

“The Talk” has an all-female panel and one of its amazing hosts is no other than Natalie Morales.

Natalie Morales

Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Morales was born in Taiwan to a Puerto Rican father and a Brazilian mother. For more than two decades now, Morales has been in the journalism industry. She got her big break in 2002, but her hosting career went up when she was selected as the West Coast anchor of “Today”. In 2021, she left the show for “The Talk”.

4. Nancy O’Dell

The 54-year-old journalist and television personality may also have the potential to be MU’s next host thanks to her fantastic performance in Entertainment Tonight as a co-anchor.

Nancy O'Dell

Photo Courtesy of CNN

in the 1990s, O’Dell was a pioneer in the news program “Access Hollywood” when it first aired in 1996. Aside from that, he also joined Daisy Fuentes and Billy Bush as a sideline host in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant. She also came back the following year for another co-hosting gig.

5. Daisy Fuentes

Out of everyone on this list, Daisy Fuentes might have the best resume to become the new Miss Universe host.

Daisy Fuentes

Photo Courtesy of Best Life

Before launching her own clothing line and workout game for Nintendo Wii, she hosted some pageants like Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA, and was a sideline host in previous Miss Universe competitions. In 2004, Fuentes was part of the hosting panel alongside Billy Bush. Without a doubt, the Latina television personality is probably the best woman to ever host Miss Universe.

6. Jeannie Mai Jenkins

Just recently, JKN’s CEO and Thai billionaire, Jakapong “Anne” Jajkrajutatip, purchased the Miss Universe Organization from IMG. Since taking over, Jajkrajutatip has made some abrupt changes to the former which includes the new “female” host. With that, the possibility of opening the door for Asian female hosts could be inevitable. That being said, aside from Catriona Gray, one notable Asian celebrity that could host the competition is Jeannie Mai Jenkins a.k.a. Jeannie Mai.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins

Photo Courtesy of Deadline

Mai coined the commentary “Yellow is the color of joy and celebration” during the evening gown shown in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant where she was a stand-in host. It would not be surprising if Jeannie Mai or Catriona Gray gets the nod to headline the event.

The 71st Miss Universe pageant will be held on January 14, 2023 ( 7 p.m. ET) in New Orleans, U.S.A. The show will be streamed live on the Roku streaming channel.


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