Pokemon finally sees Ash and Butterfree meet after 22 years

Argentina is hardly the one team who has won the world championship, so to speak. Joining the line of world champions is the team of Pikachu and Ash in Pokemon Journeys anime. After 25 years of arduous journeying of multiple regions, Pokemon Anime finally concluded with Ash winning the Pokemon World Championship. In the final episode of Pokemon Journeys we witnessed the reunion of Ash and Butterfree 22 years after their departure.

Why the Pokemon Journeys Episode 136 was nostalgic

Pokemon Ash and Butterfree

Ash’s Butterfree leaving him, revision in the latter parts of the series. image courtesy of pokemon-fandom.com

  1. The ending of Pokemon with Ash winning the world championship is something fans have awaited for years. They have awaited this for so long that the fans themselves grew from children to adults with children. Pokemon Journeys Episode 136 showcased a series of nostalgic scenes. A lot many characters that people grew up watching in 25 years of Pokemon made their scenic appearance.
  2. Episode 136 has been a sort of a nostalgic goodbye. Something similar to Dragonball GT’s final episode in which Goku bid farewell to all the fans. For series like these which have been on the run for so long, there’s something about the ending that brings nostalgia.

The story of Pokemon Ash and Butterfree

Ash’s Butterfree was his first wild pokemon. As much as it was mine when I first played Pokemon Leaf Green. Butterfree was the first Caterpie, who dreamed of evolving into its third final form.

Caterpie did end up evolving into becoming Butterfree, after which Ash Ketchup did the most heroic did. It is told that if you love someone, you let them go.


Caterpie wishing to evolve in the original Pokemon Anime. Image courtesy of pokemon-fandom.com

  • In the episode Bye-bye Butterfree, we see a herd of Butterfrees flying in what Brock described to be their mating season. Seeing how nature took its course, Ash believed that it will be best to let his Butterfree go.
  • Let go so that his flying bug-type friend could make babies and have a family of its own. The last we saw of Butterfree was it leaving with a pink Butterfree, for whom it had fallen in love. Sweet nature.

On Pokemon Journeys 136, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu reunite with Ash’s first wild but technically second Pokemon. Ash’s first is always, after all, Pikachu. It was quite nostalgic for fans to see Ash meet with his Butterfree again. For Ash it may have been only a few months (in whatever timeline logic the anime follows), but for fans it was more than 2 decades.

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