The Boys: Can Victoria Neuman pop Homelander’s head?

Saying that Amazon Prime’s The Boys is bloody diabolical is a bit of an understatement. Three seasons in, but it has grown to be more than just the blood splat, gore, sexual content, and mentally unstable supes. One of the most overpowered characters in the series is no other than Victoria Neuman. If you have watched The Boys, you already know how deadly this woman is. She is extremely powerful on both sides of the ball, both ability-wise and politically since she is already running for President of the United States of America. Her head-popping ability (literally) is so vicious that nobody is safe, or is it? This leads us to the question, can Victoria pop Homelander’s head? The same Homelander that is known to be the strongest in this universe?

Victoria Neumann VS Homelander (Head-to-Head)

There’s no clear evidence of how high Homelander’s ceiling is since nobody comes close to his powers one-on-one.
It’s safe to say that same goes for Victoria. We are yet to see more of her full strength in season 4 and her motives are still unknown despite being connected to Stan Edgar.

However, we have learned that her powers can be stopped if she cannot see. Regardless of her weakness, nobody still knows her true potential. To put things simply, with this weakness, Homelander is still by far the stronger supe. Aside from the head-popping ability and holding a high position in the government, Victoria has nothing against the deranged Homelander. He is so OP with his ability to fly, laser vision, super strength, and milk obsession (just kidding). Nevertheless, immediately blinding Victoria would result in her eventual death.

Plus, so far, her victims are mostly normal people although she has also proved she can kill even the most durable Compound V-injected supes with how she was able to make Starlight’s nose drop some blood. In a confrontational scene in Season 3, Episode 6, it was evident that Victoria tried to burst Starlight’s head because the latter suddenly had a nosebleed. It was a scary scene, one we almost thought we’d see Annie’s head explode in the most unexpected way.

Can Victoria kill Homelander? If so, will she?

Although it’s not confirmed, her ability is somewhat similar to blood-bending. In a subreddit discussion, there were theories that:

  • She can boil liquids such as blood which in turn will vaporize causing a massive explosion
  • Victoria may shoot invincible microwave beams through her eyes, again causing the unexplained explosions
  • Or, maybe, she just can basically control blood in any way she likes

That being said, it would be very possible for Victoria to kill Homelander if she decides to and if she penetrates the circulatory system of America’s beloved supe. However, we saw how extremely durable the leader of The Seven is. But, let’s not forget that even Homelander, the strongest character in The Boys, still bleeds, thus, Victoria can surely do what she does best.

Again, Victoria Neuman’s motives are still uncertain. And, since she’s teaming up with Homelander, we probably won’t be seeing them go at each other any time soon. She may have been against Vought (as shown in Season 3), but her plans aren’t laid out yet.

Source and reference: The Boys Fandom Wiki

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